Design Throwdown: Lamp Makeover

*Update: Congrats to Micah and Catherine for winning the Design Thowdown!

Design Throwdown is a design challenge in which two individuals (or two teams), compete in a redesign of a similar home décor item. For more about Design Throwdown look here. This round Micah and Catherine from Forty Twenty Four are throwing down with Kelsey and I.  Thanks for your participation Micah and Catherine! See the results below and VOTE HERE for your favorite design. Voting closes Thursday at 8pm.  If you’re interested in participating in Design Throwdown, contact me .

Team 1 (Micah and Catherine)
Lamp – $7 from Craigslist including delivery to her front door
Paint – she had it already
Glass globe – she had it from an old chandiler
plants, dirt, rock – from her garden

Team 2 (Morgana and Kelsey)
Lamp – $8 from Goodwill
Stencils – We already had
Paint: Gold-$2, White-we already had
Stencil sponge brushes-$1

Design Throwdown

Welcome to the first official Design Throwdown! Because of our love for home projects and all things DIY, Kelsey of Minted Life and I decided to launch Design Throwdown. Design Throwdown is a design challenge in which two individuals (or two teams), compete in a redesign of a similar home décor item. We felt this would be a fun way to involve others and share great project ideas.

Here are the rules for entry:

  1. Find a challenger that wants to participate in the Design Throwdown.  You can either compete one on one or in teams.
  2. Agree on timeline, budget (if necessary) and home décor item to redo.  Items must be similar in size, style and quality (examples: mirror, bookshelf, chair, etc).
  3. Get as creative as possible and, think outside the box.  You want to win, right??
  4. Submit photos of the redesign process and before and after photos.
  5. Start the throwdown!  Have fun!!  And good luck!
  6. If you want to participate in a Design Throwdown, email us!

Check out the the first Design Throwdown between Team Ahoy: Kelsey and I and Team Pinboard: Bien Living Design and Pantomime Papers . For our throw down we chose to redesign an IKEA door mat.

How we made the Door Mat:
1. We drew and cut our own stencils.
2. Placed the stencils on the mat. We used felt sticky letters to stencil the “Ahoy”
3.Painted the mat with red, white and blue spay paint
4. Let dry for 20 min. and done!

Update: Results are in!

Vote for your favorite throw down below!

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Dressed Up Dresser

Update: Check out my dresser featured on Apartment Therapy!

 I frequently scout local thrift stores for old furniture to redo. I bought this mid century modern dresser for $25, knowing that after a mini makeover, it would be both adorable and functional. 

The dresser was beat up and made of particle board, so I didn’t feel guilty painting it. I coated the dresser in 2-3 cans black semi-gloss spray paint. In its original state it didn’t have any drawer pulls, so I drilled holes and added ornate knobs I found on sale at Anthropologie.

 The entire dresser makeover took only one weekend to complete. The dresser fits perfectly in my small bedroom and I think it goes nicely with the yellow antique mirror that hangs above it.

Making over furniture is one of my favorite hobbies- See my Beverage cart B&A . Do you have any furniture makeover tips or ideas? I’d love to hear about them.

Chair Affair

This chair is my latest and greatest garage sale find. I’m planning on painting it white and reupholstering it. There are some kinks in that plan though. Kink No.1- I’ve never reupholstered anything before, which is why I picked something easy like a chair…except for all those wretched buttons on the back cushion. Kink No.2 -While perusing Etsy for upholstery fabric, I found so many wonderful options I’m not sure which is right for the chair.

These are my fabric options. I chose bold and bright, geometric, and classic style prints but I’m in love with them all — now I just have to decide which one will make the cut (literally). Which one is your favorite??

No.1, 2, 4  Skinny laminx No. 5 Tuft Love Fabric No. 3, 6  Renees’s Fabrics

B&A: Beverage Cart

I found a rusty old serving cart that needed an extreme makeover. It looked as though it had been around the block and was caked in dust. I gave it a good sand and scrub, then spray painted it a nice limey green.

I think it spruced up pretty well!  It’s perfect for parties, as a beverage or food cart.