Renegade Austin Recap

Renegade Austin was a blast! We are so thankful to everyone who came out to see Satchel & Sage. The best part about participating in Renegade is the people. We met so many inspiring artists, and enjoyed meeting and greeting the Austin community.  We would also like to thank the Renegade gang; they are such an awesome group of folks y’all. Check out our studio tour with them on the Renegade blog. See you at Renegade San Francisco: July 27-28!

Photos by: Elisha Marie

west elm + Etsy Mini Market

West Elm and Etsy have collaborated to host a Holiday Workshop and Mini Market on Dec. 1st-  happening in stores across the Nation. We are so excited to announce that our shop Satchel & Sage was invited to participate in this event at the West Elm in downtown Austin! If you live in Austin please come and visit us! We’ll be selling a variety of our design goods for the holidays – You can RSVP for the event here.

We will have lots of new product to share at the Mini Market. Here is a preview of some of the Holiday goods we will have available-

Festive holiday card set of 4 (2 of each design per pack)

Set of 14 Holiday gift tags

Festive holiday card set of 4 &   Set of 14 Holiday gift tags

DIY Terrarium

After a long sabbatical, I decided to have a craft meet up last weekend. I’ve been zealously pinning terrariums all week, and set out to make one for every room in my house. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone in this plan and several other peeps wanted to join in and make DIY Terrariums. Thank you to my friends for your participation and enthusiasm–crafting is so much more fun when we are doing it together!

Here is what you need for the job:

sand, rocks, gravel- you can mix and match according to your plant of choice. I use rocks on the bottom for drainage and then add topsoil.

Plants: Succulents, Air plants, Ferns, Fake plants- fake moss or succulents look very realistic.

Container-Vase, glass bowl, light bulb, Mason jar, Starbucks bottle- you can use anything really, so get creative!

To amp up the cute factor, we added tiny animals and Miniature Toy Figures to our terrariums. For small figurines check the doll house section at your local craft store, or a 25 cent toy machine at the grocery store. I just thought of it, but a LIL HOMIES figurine would have been perfect …next time.

Gutting a light bulb is quite a feat, but we managed to achieve it without injury. Here is a great post via Hipster Home on how to make a light bulb terrarium. Also, another helpful resource for instructions is Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature Worlds. For more pics of our craft meet up check out Kelsey’s recap via Minted Life and Monica’s recap via Nona’s Market.

My  sister-in-law Tori lives out of town, but wanted to participate from afar. She created this beautiful table lamp terrarium.

P.S. For the occasion I made everyone these terrarium prints-

Summer in Austin

It’s one hot mother of a summer in Austin with temps reaching above 100 for a week straight. My lawn is scorched and I get sunburned just walking to my car. I’ve been trying to find fun summer activities to do that don’t involve getting sunstroke. Here are some ways I’ve been dealing with the heat.

Chill Out: I’ve discovered a few ways to cool down so far and one of them includes eating snow cones, snow balls, raspas. Whatever you call them, they are the perfect summer indulgence (and I have been indulging regularly).  I’m curious… what do you call them where you’re from? Casey’s New Orleans style snowballs is the best snow cone stand in Austin, they have homemade flavors, perfect ice consistency and are on my way home from work.

Dive In: While others put on winter weight, I put on summer weight; it’s too hot for outdoor exercise but perfect weather for snow cones and ice cream… you do the math. My favorite way to combat summer weight gain is by swimming. Austin’s many neighborhood pools and local swimming holes have been a lifesaver. This pic below is of Allandale pool, it’s surrounded by a pretty park with tennis courts and a little pond.

Catch A Flick: If you absolutely refuse to go outside in the sweltering heat, a movie theater may quite possibly be the coldest, darkest place you can go during the hot day. In Austin, the local fave is Alamo Draft House Cinema, a dine-in indie theatre with great beers on tap and a fun vibe.

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