Dressed Up Dresser

Update: Check out my dresser featured on Apartment Therapy!

 I frequently scout local thrift stores for old furniture to redo. I bought this mid century modern dresser for $25, knowing that after a mini makeover, it would be both adorable and functional. 

The dresser was beat up and made of particle board, so I didn’t feel guilty painting it. I coated the dresser in 2-3 cans black semi-gloss spray paint. In its original state it didn’t have any drawer pulls, so I drilled holes and added ornate knobs I found on sale at Anthropologie.

 The entire dresser makeover took only one weekend to complete. The dresser fits perfectly in my small bedroom and I think it goes nicely with the yellow antique mirror that hangs above it.

Making over furniture is one of my favorite hobbies- See my Beverage cart B&A . Do you have any furniture makeover tips or ideas? I’d love to hear about them.

Free Printable Valentines

Here are some printable Valentines that I made just for you! I didn’t want to use the typical color palette of pink and red, so I mixed it up a little and used pink, orange, and chartreuse.  Update: They were featured on How About Orange!

They print 4 to a sheet and you can get them here: Download the Print-Ready PDF Happy Valentines!

Check out Creative Market for other great printable Valentine’s!

Illustrated Valentine

My husband recently experimented with tea dying paper and had the entire house smelling of mint and chai. When the paper finished drying from its tea bath, he created this Valentine which evolved into a series of illustrations called Venn by Pen. We loved this Valentine so much we made it into a card, which can be purchased on our Etsy account Satchel & Sage.

Tea dying is a simple technique and gives paper an antique look. Click here for more on DIY Tea Dying.

Chair Affair

This chair is my latest and greatest garage sale find. I’m planning on painting it white and reupholstering it. There are some kinks in that plan though. Kink No.1- I’ve never reupholstered anything before, which is why I picked something easy like a chair…except for all those wretched buttons on the back cushion. Kink No.2 -While perusing Etsy for upholstery fabric, I found so many wonderful options I’m not sure which is right for the chair.

These are my fabric options. I chose bold and bright, geometric, and classic style prints but I’m in love with them all — now I just have to decide which one will make the cut (literally). Which one is your favorite??

No.1, 2, 4  Skinny laminx No. 5 Tuft Love Fabric No. 3, 6  Renees’s Fabrics

Make a Cake Stand

I saw these DIY cake stands on You Are My Fave, and as soon as I can get a hold of a miter saw I’m making them! Put a scalloped edge on anything and I’ll swoon.

These are lovely, sturdy, fairly easy and inexpensive to make – a winning combination when it comes to crafting. You can see a step by step tutorial on how to make these lil’ darlings, at Bee in Our Bonnet.

DIY 2011 Calendar

Where I work people do Christmas in a big way—which means food, gifts, more food, repeat. I knew I would have to partake in the office gift giving, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I decided to DIY it of course, and create something for my co-workers that was both pretty and useful—which is why I made these 2011 calendars. I love to hand draw patterns and awhile back began archiving some of my favorites. I scanned my patterns into the computer, and using illustrator, formatted them into an image for the calendar header. I printed them on card stock paper, punched a hole in the top to hang a ribbon, and trimmed the edges with a  quarter inch rounded punch.

I was happy with the results and so were my co-workers; now the office is full of these cheerful calendars. Kelsey of Minted Life posted about another great DIY holiday office gift idea, here is her How-To on making these adorable hot chocolate filled ornaments.

Plasti-Dip Revisited

So I did it again. Yes, I  plasti-dipped. Why? Well because I had a gallon of it left over from the last go round. The plasti-dip, having sat in my garage untouched for over two months now, was a bit on the thick side. I realized that to get good results I’d have to use larger objects with very defined shapes, like pine cones for instance. When re-opened the plasti-dip gave off the same smell of burning tires. However, this time the conditions were much more desirable, it was a sunny and breezy outside and the smell wasn’t as unbearable. I tied wire to the pinecones and dipped each one individually.

Some of the pinecones I used to make a nest-like centerpiece, some I hung on the tree. The PLASTI-DIP gave the pinecones a ceramic look without the fragility, which makes them perfect, durable, holiday décor. When you have a rowdy, Christmas tree climbing house cat, you come to value décor that can take a beating.

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