Thanks to Monica’s ingenuity, we bought wood carving tools instead of the typical cheap plastic set to design and carve our pumpkins for our 2nd Craft Meet-Up.

When we dug into our pumpkins, a steak knife and wood carving /whittling tools were much sturdier than a plastic carving set, and allowed for more design detail. If you’re interested in trying this for yourself, the wood carving tools can be purchased here- Mini Wood Carving Chisel Set. They cost about the same price as the plastic set. These tools aren’t as kid safe, but what carving tool really is, plastic or not? Using these tools we were able to achieve unique and creative results.

Next craft meet-up project, plasti-dipped pumpkins…any takers?

Fun with plasti-dip

For our first meet-up the craft of choice was PLASTI-DIP , a rubberizing paint, normally used to coat tool handles and such. Inspired by beautiful plasti-dipped origami; my heart raced with the possibilities of all the chincey knick knacks that could be turned chic with one dip. Fellow creative Kelsey from Minted Life saw the same vision and a craft meet-up date was set. FC crafters brought tons of fun objects, keys, twigs, origami, paper balls and figurines to dip. A big thank you to all the FC craft crew for making this event awesome.
Here are the results:
Here’s How to Dip:
  1. Warning! This craft should only be done outside to allow for ventilation, but even outside the smell was intense.
  2. Tie wire or string around the object you wish to dip
  3. Stir plasti –dip outside over a covered surface (this stuff does not come out!)
  4. Using string or wire slowly dip object
  5. Slowly remove object and allow for it to drip briefly over the dip
  6. Hang object to drip dry over a covered area
  7. Dry time takes approximately 30-40 minutes and to get a thicker coat you may re-dip if needed.
Lessons learned: Plasti-dip takes longer to dry in rainy weather. Its toxic smell is intense, and without a mask your throat will burn.  This was an ambitious craft that turned out to be decidedly more complicated than expected. It’s very difficult to get a perfect dip, but the end result is pretty cute…. look how nice the sea urchin shell turned out!
You can order plasti-dip at AMAZONor GarageToys.
Now you can mix your own colors and plasti dip comes in a spray too!

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