Paris On My Mind

Summer is near and I am ready for vacation. Last summer my husband and I went to France and fell in love with the art, food, markets, gardens, architecture and people of Paris. It’s impossible to take a bad picture in Paris and I frequently revisit the pictures we took on our trip.

If you’ve fallen in love with Paris or long to go, here are some wonderful blogs that will  tempt you to book a trip immediately:  Hip ParisOh Happy Day

DIY Gift Tags

Tis’ the season for free online holiday magazines!  Check out Sweet Paul magazine for great holiday gift ideas, recipes, and crafts.  That’s where I found this great DIY project using old family photos to make gift tags and wrapping paper. It seems like a pretty simple project and adds a sweet and nostalgic touch to gifts. However, I would probably use goofy, semi-embarrassing photos from the past to give my family and friends a good laugh.

Heart Felt Holidays

1.Pickles 2. The purl bee 3. Angel Dog Designs 4. Jenn! 5. Fancy Tiger

While on the hunt for holiday craft ideas I discovered felting! Wool felting is a method of manipulating and shaping wool using soap and water; here is a great DIY felting guide. I never realized the versatility of wool until I read this post; it describes how to construct the colorful felt ball wreath shown above. I love-love-love this handmade wreath, and would probably keep it on display all year. If you’re not interested in molding hundreds of tiny felt balls to make a holiday wreath or garland, you can purchase them pre-made here.

Web and Flow

The beautiful and eccentric creations of Shane Waltener are captivating. At first glance these large crocheted webs looked so realistic I wondered what Godzilla of a spider created them. Shane’s web installations are handcrafted and thoughtfully displayed. I love the concept of delicate webs entangling Chihuly’s gorgeous and fragile glass chandelier. Wouldn’t you love to have one of these webs hanging in a corner of your living room?

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