Illustrated Valentine

My husband recently experimented with tea dying paper and had the entire house smelling of mint and chai. When the paper finished drying from its tea bath, he created this Valentine which evolved into a series of illustrations called Venn by Pen. We loved this Valentine so much we made it into a card, which can be purchased on our Etsy account Satchel & Sage.

Tea dying is a simple technique and gives paper an antique look. Click here for more on DIY Tea Dying.

DIY 2011 Calendar

Where I work people do Christmas in a big way—which means food, gifts, more food, repeat. I knew I would have to partake in the office gift giving, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I decided to DIY it of course, and create something for my co-workers that was both pretty and useful—which is why I made these 2011 calendars. I love to hand draw patterns and awhile back began archiving some of my favorites. I scanned my patterns into the computer, and using illustrator, formatted them into an image for the calendar header. I printed them on card stock paper, punched a hole in the top to hang a ribbon, and trimmed the edges with a  quarter inch rounded punch.

I was happy with the results and so were my co-workers; now the office is full of these cheerful calendars. Kelsey of Minted Life posted about another great DIY holiday office gift idea, here is her How-To on making these adorable hot chocolate filled ornaments.

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