Design Throwdown: Lamp Makeover

*Update: Congrats to Micah and Catherine for winning the Design Thowdown!

Design Throwdown is a design challenge in which two individuals (or two teams), compete in a redesign of a similar home décor item. For more about Design Throwdown look here. This round Micah and Catherine from Forty Twenty Four are throwing down with Kelsey and I.  Thanks for your participation Micah and Catherine! See the results below and VOTE HERE for your favorite design. Voting closes Thursday at 8pm.  If you’re interested in participating in Design Throwdown, contact me .

Team 1 (Micah and Catherine)
Lamp – $7 from Craigslist including delivery to her front door
Paint – she had it already
Glass globe – she had it from an old chandiler
plants, dirt, rock – from her garden

Team 2 (Morgana and Kelsey)
Lamp – $8 from Goodwill
Stencils – We already had
Paint: Gold-$2, White-we already had
Stencil sponge brushes-$1

Craft Meet-Up: Homemade Chalkboards

The ladies of the craft club met up recently to get our craft on and make homemade chalkboards. Here are the basic steps to accomplishing this fairly easy project.

Step 1- Hunt & Gather
Rummage through a thrift store, garage sale or even your own garage and you are bound to find something to transform into a chalkboard. For example: Picture frames, serving trays, tacky wall decor, tired and unwanted paintings, all make excellent chalkboards. It is very satisfying to see gaudy decor that was collecting dust, repurposed into something useful.

Step 2- Tape and Paint x 2:
Like with any paint project the first thing you need to do is tape off the edges of the area framing the chalkboard to be. Then apply a coat of the Chalkboard paint to the surface. Let it dry for about 15 minutes and apply a second coat. After about 30 minutes the chalkboard paint should be dry. Then if you want to add a pop of color you can tape off the chalkboard area and paint the frame surrounding it as well.  Let it dry, and congrats you have your very own chalkboard.
Here are the results of our chalk boarding adventure, didn’t they come out great?  For more stories and pics about our chalkboard craftivity check out Kelsey’s post at Minted Life and Monica’s at Nona’s Market.

Special thanks goes to baby JoJo who came along to help us with our chalkboards. He is quite photogenic, here he is again modeling adorable onesies from Nona’s Market !

Design Throwdown Results!

The Design Throwdown results are in and the winner is Team Ahoy!  We only won by a small margin, so kudos go to our competitors Team Pinboard: Bien Living Design and Pantomime Papers for creatively repurposing the entire doormat. Thank you both so much for participating!

Here’s what people said about Team Ahoy:

•“Something about that cute little whale with “Ahoy” makes me smile.”
•“I think I would give this one to Team Ahoy (but I have a slight obsession with all things nautical, so I might be biased!)”
•“So cute!! That little whale makes me so happy!”

Here’s what people said about Team Pinboard:

  • “SO…I totally love the stenciled design…but the pinboard wins hands down in my book because it repurposed the whole thing! LOVE it!!”
  • “Oooh, I think they’re both really cute! I never would have thought to turn a doormat into a pinboard”
  • “Both look awesome, and the pinboard is really out of the box”
  • “They are both seriously cute.. I love the concept behind the pinboard one; never would have thought of that!”

Design Throwdown

Welcome to the first official Design Throwdown! Because of our love for home projects and all things DIY, Kelsey of Minted Life and I decided to launch Design Throwdown. Design Throwdown is a design challenge in which two individuals (or two teams), compete in a redesign of a similar home décor item. We felt this would be a fun way to involve others and share great project ideas.

Here are the rules for entry:

  1. Find a challenger that wants to participate in the Design Throwdown.  You can either compete one on one or in teams.
  2. Agree on timeline, budget (if necessary) and home décor item to redo.  Items must be similar in size, style and quality (examples: mirror, bookshelf, chair, etc).
  3. Get as creative as possible and, think outside the box.  You want to win, right??
  4. Submit photos of the redesign process and before and after photos.
  5. Start the throwdown!  Have fun!!  And good luck!
  6. If you want to participate in a Design Throwdown, email us!

Check out the the first Design Throwdown between Team Ahoy: Kelsey and I and Team Pinboard: Bien Living Design and Pantomime Papers . For our throw down we chose to redesign an IKEA door mat.

How we made the Door Mat:
1. We drew and cut our own stencils.
2. Placed the stencils on the mat. We used felt sticky letters to stencil the “Ahoy”
3.Painted the mat with red, white and blue spay paint
4. Let dry for 20 min. and done!

Update: Results are in!

Vote for your favorite throw down below!

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Make a Cake Stand

I saw these DIY cake stands on You Are My Fave, and as soon as I can get a hold of a miter saw I’m making them! Put a scalloped edge on anything and I’ll swoon.

These are lovely, sturdy, fairly easy and inexpensive to make – a winning combination when it comes to crafting. You can see a step by step tutorial on how to make these lil’ darlings, at Bee in Our Bonnet.

DIY 2011 Calendar

Where I work people do Christmas in a big way—which means food, gifts, more food, repeat. I knew I would have to partake in the office gift giving, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I decided to DIY it of course, and create something for my co-workers that was both pretty and useful—which is why I made these 2011 calendars. I love to hand draw patterns and awhile back began archiving some of my favorites. I scanned my patterns into the computer, and using illustrator, formatted them into an image for the calendar header. I printed them on card stock paper, punched a hole in the top to hang a ribbon, and trimmed the edges with a  quarter inch rounded punch.

I was happy with the results and so were my co-workers; now the office is full of these cheerful calendars. Kelsey of Minted Life posted about another great DIY holiday office gift idea, here is her How-To on making these adorable hot chocolate filled ornaments.

Plasti-Dip Revisited

So I did it again. Yes, I  plasti-dipped. Why? Well because I had a gallon of it left over from the last go round. The plasti-dip, having sat in my garage untouched for over two months now, was a bit on the thick side. I realized that to get good results I’d have to use larger objects with very defined shapes, like pine cones for instance. When re-opened the plasti-dip gave off the same smell of burning tires. However, this time the conditions were much more desirable, it was a sunny and breezy outside and the smell wasn’t as unbearable. I tied wire to the pinecones and dipped each one individually.

Some of the pinecones I used to make a nest-like centerpiece, some I hung on the tree. The PLASTI-DIP gave the pinecones a ceramic look without the fragility, which makes them perfect, durable, holiday décor. When you have a rowdy, Christmas tree climbing house cat, you come to value décor that can take a beating.


For December’s craft meet-up the FC crew made felt ornaments. We drew, cut, stitched and stuffed, and by the end of the day we were buried in an explosion of felt.  A big thank you to all the ladies that made this event such a blast!

Here are the results!

My hubby and I drew ornament templates especially for this meet-up. To download them, click here-  Download the Felt Ornament Templates PDF here

Download the Felt Ornament Templates PDF here

Fun with plasti-dip

For our first meet-up the craft of choice was PLASTI-DIP , a rubberizing paint, normally used to coat tool handles and such. Inspired by beautiful plasti-dipped origami; my heart raced with the possibilities of all the chincey knick knacks that could be turned chic with one dip. Fellow creative Kelsey from Minted Life saw the same vision and a craft meet-up date was set. FC crafters brought tons of fun objects, keys, twigs, origami, paper balls and figurines to dip. A big thank you to all the FC craft crew for making this event awesome.
Here are the results:
Here’s How to Dip:
  1. Warning! This craft should only be done outside to allow for ventilation, but even outside the smell was intense.
  2. Tie wire or string around the object you wish to dip
  3. Stir plasti –dip outside over a covered surface (this stuff does not come out!)
  4. Using string or wire slowly dip object
  5. Slowly remove object and allow for it to drip briefly over the dip
  6. Hang object to drip dry over a covered area
  7. Dry time takes approximately 30-40 minutes and to get a thicker coat you may re-dip if needed.
Lessons learned: Plasti-dip takes longer to dry in rainy weather. Its toxic smell is intense, and without a mask your throat will burn.  This was an ambitious craft that turned out to be decidedly more complicated than expected. It’s very difficult to get a perfect dip, but the end result is pretty cute…. look how nice the sea urchin shell turned out!
You can order plasti-dip at AMAZONor GarageToys.
Now you can mix your own colors and plasti dip comes in a spray too!

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