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Agricultural, Forestry & Horticultural Operator. Special guidelines for Examination at the OUSL during COVID 19 pandemic situation & Health Declaration Form. Home; School of Agricultural Sciences : Programmes Offered . ND with a minimum of upper credit plus 5 credits in WASC/GCE/NECO    subjects including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science and any one of the following: Physics, Geography or Economics, and at least a pass in Physics is required for admission into 200level. Workers in aquaculture farming also raise species of fish and shellfish in similar conditions as their natural environments for harvesting or recreational fishing areas. Professor Nda E. Mundi is currently the Dean, School of Agricultural Sciences effective from June 1st 2015. Holders of Bachelor degree in Basic Science, Biological/Earth Sciences and Agricultural Sciences from universities recognized by NOUN may be admitted. Service Station Attendants deal directly with the public through collecting payments and providing receipts. They work with other logging workers and must use a variety of tools and adhere to all safety standards while working. Sciences, Geography, Maths, Geology, Economics and Health Sciences). Agriculture is one of the most rapidly changing fields of study in the 21st century. The Open University (OU) at VSU aims to provide quality distance-study programs in agriculture and allied fields through distance learning to government employees and other individuals engaged in agriculture and rural development activities. Strict adherence to safety precautions and regulations. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences aims to provide: ENTRY REQUIREMENT FOR PROGRAMMES IN THE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES. FindAPhD. Horse hooves grow over time, thus requiring trimming and new shoes. The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) had its genesis from establishment of an Agricultural School at Saidapet, Madras, Tamil Nadu, as early as 1868 and it was later relocated at Coimbatore. Shearers work with animals like sheep, goats and alpacas. Wool Classers are members of the technicians and trades industry. Agricultural, Forestry & Horticultural Operators operate light and heavy machinery in order to assist in cultivating the land, planting new seeds, clearing space for new harvest and moving fallen down trees. Greenkeepers work with real grass, artificial turf, and other synthetic substances. Slaughterers are primarily responsible for slaughtering livestock for meat. REGISTER BY 14 JANUARY FOR COURSES STARTING IN FEBRUARY . Two years later, a third programme – Bachelor of … All rights reserved. The activities of the farm practical year should include periodic seminars on the student’s work as a way of stimulating interest as well as the presentation of a written report to be graded at the end of the year. Helping to bring this open source culture to agriculture is the mission and focus of the OATS Center at Purdue University. On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Royal Agricultural University Certificate of Agriculture, and will be entitled to use the MRAU post-nominal letters. The related science based courses are as follows, Centre for Entrepreneurship and General Studies, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Instructions for NOUN Mathematical and Physical Sciences Students, NYSC Exclusion Letter Registration Procedure, Undergraduate Transcript Application Guidelines, Directorate for Entrepreneurship And General Studies (DE&GS), Notice of the Postponement of the 2020_2 Examination, Important Notification to all Students Studying B.Sc. The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Wood Processing Workers, sometimes referred to as timber processing workers, perform work that is largely routine in nature. Seasonal workers may be hired in high planting and harvesting seasons for crops and workers on dairy and livestock farms are required to work year-long feeding, maintaining and assisting in production. Surveyors also prepare maps and plans. The Faculty officially took off in July 2014 with Prof. Matthew Dada Alegbejo as the pioneer Dean. They must understand the land and the crops that will grow effectively there. Candidates seeking admission for PGD Agricultural Extension and Management must possess a Bachelor’s degree with at least 3rd class division. FindAMasters. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at its 7th Faculty Board Meeting held on 18th January 2019 reviewed its admission requirements in line with NUC benchmark and recommended the following: iv. American educator Booker T Washington studied at Hampton Agricultural Institute, before going on to lead Tuskegee University from 1881. 3. Surveying Technicians also inspect potential construction sites, estimate costs and determine time frame. Stablehands, also known as Farm Workers, tend to horses, cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock. Sr. No. Animal trainers will build up a strong rapport with the animal and accustom the animal to perform as commanded. They must use a variety of tools and adhere to all safety standards while working. Candidates can go through detailed information about the top 10 agricultural universities in India as per ICAR rankings 2018. Specialisations may include meat inspectors, quarantine inspection service officers, and sugarcane analysts/auditors. Primary Products Inspectors check a variety of different products such as abattoirs, plants and produce from farms as well as storage or shipment locations and wholesale markets to make sure they meet government hygiene and quality standards. Candidates with Pass Degree and minimum of 3 years cognate experience in related fields may be accepted. To provide functional, cost-effective and flexible agricultural learning required for efficient agricultural production, self employment and sustainable development in various aspects of agriculture. PGD Agricultural Extension and Management. Explore what's possible when you learn around your life, wherever you are, with The Open University. They operate a variety of equipment and heavy machinery to cut down trees and process them into useable sections and transport them to sawmill and paper mills. Aquaculture Farmers are involved in all aspects of aquatic farming operations (breeding, growing, conserving) of fish and other aquatic stock including oysters, crayfish, prawns etc. Rangers, as a subset of environmental scientists, work hands-on in parks, forests, and other natural settings. Training opportunity for sustainable bio-resource management and entrepreneurship in agricultural production. NCE with credit passes in any one of the options below may be admitted into 200 level of the programme: Agricultural Science, Biology/Chemistry, Integrated Science/Chemistry, Home Economics and related science based courses. Industry experience You will learn from lecturers who are still active in the operation and management of farms including common grazing beef production, spring barley and a range of on and off farm diversifications. Masters degrees in Agriculture explore the understanding and management of farmland, forestry, fisheries and livestock. Relevant supportive resources for teaching and research in agriculture and allied disciplines through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode of delivery. This requirement exposes the student to problem-solving techniques and provides him with the ability to organize ideas from literature and research findings. Wood Processing Machine Workers, often grouped in with paper processing machine workers, operate machines that process and finish various wooden products, such as logs, firewood, plywood etc. Wood Machinists utilise woodworking and woodcutting machinery to cut, shape, and polish wood samples. Agricultural Technicians are associated with the agricultural community and may work with agricultural scientists or those in related fields such as farmers or parks and recreational services. Programmes Offered. To graduate, a student shall have undergone 4 or 5 years of study depending on his entry point, including 12 calendar months of Farm Practical Year (FPY/SIWES). At the 69th meeting of the Senate held on Tuesday, 24th April, 2012, the report and approval for the establishment of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences from the existing Faculty of Science and Technology was ratified. In 1920 it was affiliated to Madras University. Agriculture programmes. Opportunity for specialization and advance study in major disciplines of agriculture. Master Courses offered by Acharya Nagarjuna University, Global Open University, ICFAI University and University of Jammu. Relevant supportive resources for teaching and research in agriculture and allied disciplines through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode of delivery. HND with lower credit pass in Agriculture or related programmes, and credit passes in requisite subjects at O’ Level with 2 years relevant experience may be admitted into 300 levels and may be required to take relevant courses at 200 level. Timber and Wood Process Workers work with trees, wood, and lumber in the various stages and production of daily products. They care for live animals, including poultry, cattle, sheep, rabbits, pigs, goat, horses, and bees. These workers include occupations involving caring for, hunting, trapping and shooting animals, as well as cultivating fields and controlling weeds. Surveying Technicians inspect structures to determine structural soundness and compliances with building codes, specifications, etc. Please submit your team’s application by 08 November 2020 (24:00 CEST). The job includes servicing customers cars through checking for pressure in tires as well as for proper levels of fluids, such as fuel and motor oil. Foresters study the effects of harvesting, the environment, pests, and diseases in regard to the health and growth of trees. Studying agriculture and forestry Typically offered as a Bachelor of Science (BSc Agriculture), agriculture courses are highly interdisciplinary, requiring students to have a good grasp of both natural sciences and social sciences, and drawing on areas such as biology, environmental sciences, chemistry, economics and business and management. Agricultural and Forestry Scientists are involved in the study, research and analysis of plants, farming and cultivation methods in order to improve and enrich forest and agricultural areas. These areas are; Two “A” Level passes in the relevant subjects. National Certificate of Education (NCE) with credit passes in any one of the options listed below may be admitted into 200 level of the programme: HND with lower credit pass in Agriculture or Science related programmes with credit passes in requisite subjects at O’ Level (indicated in table below) with 2 years cognate experience may be admitted into 300 levels and may be required to take relevant courses at 200 level. Their work is both physically demanding as well as hazardous, therefore this job requires a strong awareness of ones surroundings and knowledge of safety standards and practices. All rights reserved. Students have a variety of options to pursue courses in agriculture field. Crop Farmers work the land to produce high quality and high yielding vegetables, fruits, grains, cotton, nuts, sod, sugar cane, flowers and other necessities that grow from the earth. Request a prospectus. Course workload must meet the graduation requirements of the university. Stablehands also assist with collecting eggs, milking cows, and shearing animals for wool. Shearing Shed Hands handle fleece once it has been removed from a sheep. In respect of above, the Faculty is recommending the under listed criteria as new admission requirements for the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Typically, wood processing workers operate machinery in pulp mills, sawmills, timber yards, and wood processing factories, although sometimes the job description may involve slightly more hands-on work. Deckhands and Fishing Hands work on sea and freshwater vessels maintaining equipment and catching fish and various aquatic species, such as crustaceans and molluscs. Fencers work with wood, metal, and other materials to erect and repair gates and fences. 01: UFS. Nigeria, Contact the Abuja Head Quarters between 8am and 4pm on any of the following numbers: Search Funded PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Agricultural Sciences, open university. It is an edge-computing device from Toradex running a customized Linux build. ...ensuring grievances and complaints from staff and students in NOUN are treated timely and effectively.

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