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In terms of coloration, the rubber lip pleco can vary a bit within the spectrum of grey to pale gold. Author Note: It’s worth noting that rubber lip plecos have been known to get territorial with other plecos from time to time. FishAreFriends (author) from Colorado on February 10, 2012: I have an Albino Bristlenose Pleco in my cichlid tank and they all get along great. He would chase away the tetras and danios, even the black molly. Quality flake or catfish pellets will be relished along with live or frozen foods. They also have small dark dots that cover their face. Did not know there were so many kinds of plecos. 24 Posts . One of the main reasons for this is that most fishkeepers flock to their relative, the bristlenose pleco. We believe that you shouldn’t attempt breeding unless you’re confident in the outcome. I agree, especially with something like a rubber lip pleco. Their pectoral fins usually look quite useless until their actually swimming. Rubber lip pleco care is not very challenging, and something that aquarists with minimal experience can handle. Their eyes are positioned near the top of their head and are slightly elevated. Temperature, water levels, and various parameters all shift during this time. Voted up + useful. The recommended ranges are quite generous which gives you a bit of wiggle room. The ideal water parameters for rubber lipped plecos are very owner-friendly. We’ve always found the rubber nose pleco to be quite enjoyable to observe no matter what it’s doing! I am in need of another pleco and I want one that will stay smaller. The rubber lip pleco doesn’t have a disease that attacks the species specifically. Re: Rubber lip pleco Post by zxtuner » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:06 pm MatsP wrote: These fish like fast-flowing water, which isn't exactly the best for Betta, so may be a good idea to not mix those two. I think you'll get the most mileage out of this link. In captivity, the rubber lipped pleco will be totally fine eating veggies and algae-based foods that you give them. White spots, damaged fins, a lack of appetite, or general lethargy are all signs that there’s a problem. Good post really useful info, just one thing some people dont realise useally cause fish shops say they dont grow that big and they dont need much room, sailfins plecs can easily grow to 1-2 foot(or more my freinds grandads was over 2 ft closer to 4ft) my brother had one that grew to about 2 foot and my sailfin that i just gave to a bigger tank (out of my 4ft) was getting close to a foot and was very broad, this sailfin and his freind a common of nearly the same size are sharing their new tank with a albino and a sailfin quite happily and peacefuly. Rubber lipped plecos don’t do well in a bare tank, so it’s crucial that you provide them with things that help them feel safe. The general rules you should follow when picking a tank mate is temperament. It was interesting to look at all of the varieties that are presented in this hub. Some of our favorite food and diet options for these fish are algae flakes or wafers, leafy greens, cucumbers, and peas. This has led to them being confused with other species of pleco by owners and breeders alike. The first line usually starts near the front of their pectoral fin and they get straighter and closer together the further back they go. I've had this guy for a couple of years now and never had an issue. They are not small dots, but concentrated in one area on the left side of the dorsal fin. This means rubber lipped plecos are rather hardy and able to tolerate a decent range of water conditions. Which Pleco would be best , don't want one that will be to big. I have three fish tanks and enjoy giving advice to others about their aquariums. This is because they tend to lay limp at their sides when they’re resting on a surface. These rivers undergo a fair amount o… This is something we’ve never really understood because the rubber lip pleco is just as easy to care for and looks fairly similar. How do they do for algae cleanup? South America; Rubber pleco’s are found in the lower Amazonian regions. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 15, 2012. However, it’s always a good idea to have an understanding of what the ideal conditions are so you can provide the best care possible. This is sustainable because of the combination of their behavior and the nutritional makeup of the algae they eat. As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions on how to improve this guide. Shop all fish goldfish, betta & more online 3. PLANTED TANK LEGENDS - IAPLC GRAND PRIZE WINNER DAVE CHOW 360 VIEW WORKSHOP - Duration: 18:17. Fish that are crammed into small aquariums rarely reach their maximum lifespan. This is another great choice that can be found in a lot of the big pet chains. These give them everything they need, which means they don’t feel the need to scavenge as aggressively. They are useful for keeping unwanted growth out of the aquarium, since they eat algae and plants in the wild. Rubberlip Pleco - Freshwater Live Tropical Fish for Aquariums or Ponds Visit the Aquarium Plants Discounts Store. Here are some example tank mates that will work well: This list is just a sample of the tank mate options you have. It is important that you not put any aggressive and/or larger fish in with your rubber lip peco. Sometimes the word "striped" is added to the common name. Rubber lip pleco 101 care max size t and more rubber lip pleco care guide t breeding more rubber lip pleco care t lifespan tank size and more www aquariumfashion com rubber lipped pleco size t tank mateore. That might be ok when they’re not fully-grown, but once they reach their max size that’s simply not enough tank for them to be comfortable. Their fins are what you would expect from a pleco as well. FishAreFriends: Your compassion towards nature shines through your hubs. Some of the best tank mates for this fish include neon tetras, cory catfish, ember tetras, and the sparking gourami. These fish have an interesting pattern of dark lines that cover their bodies. As long as you stick to the guidelines we mentioned above you should be just fine. jUST BOUGHT A LOVELY PLEC AND THE LADY MISPELT ITS NAME. Has anyone every kept a Rubber Lipped Plecostomus ? Depending on the species, they can range from 5 inches to 2 feet long. Minimum Tank … Rubber Lip Plecostomus at PetSmart. So now I would like some advice on a Pleco for my 20 gallon tank, and if I should have one or two in my tank, thanks. Size: 15 inches (38 cm) Common Name: Sailfin Pleco. 3.0 out of 5 stars 36 ratings. However, they have been found in smaller rivers and streams that tie in with these larger rivers as well. You want to match them up with other peaceful fish that want to mind their own business. Voted up and put useful and interesting. UsaFishBox: Welcome to USAFishBox! Rubber Lipped Pleco-I found him dead and I am so upset!? Albino plecos need just as much care as the rest of their species requires. This should help you the best. If you pair them with the wrong tank mate it can cause them to live in a constant nervous state, which will affect how long they live. Only hove a ten gallon tank but will up size once he and his soon to be cichlid companions grow up. This species grows to just a fraction of the size of the Common Pleco, with males reaching just four inches in length and females being closer to three. Breeding rubber lipped plecos is something of a mystery in the aquarist community. This was pretty cool, just woderind what other fish to get with my common pleco. You’ll often see them parked in one place or slowly working their way around a protected hiding spot. Their body is pretty much the exact pleco mold that you would expect. Driftwood and rocks are also smart things to include. Rubber Lip plecos are also known by other common names, including Striped, Blonde, or Bulldog pleco. Other common names for this fish are the rubber lipped pleco and the rubbernose pleco. If you do decide to keep them, please make sure you are doing LARGE water changes daily. This is based on natural genetic factors, age, and gender. FishAreFriends (author) from Colorado on May 01, 2011: JS Matthew from Massachusetts, USA on April 30, 2011. If you’re looking for a unique and easy to care for fish that isn’t super popular, this could be the species for you. CAN U HELP ? They aren’t very big fish unlike some of the other popular plecos out there, which makes them a great pet for home aquariums. Near the eyes, their body begins to taper gradually all the way to the base of their caudal fin. I put a Rubber Lip (Rubber Nose) Pleco in my 10 gallon office tank to control the BBA (Black Beard Algae). This assumes that you’re providing them with an optimal habitat and a great diet. These will also be used as places to hide if your fish wants to get some privacy. White Patch on Rubber Lip Pleco. A good owner always aims for perfection! By Reb, 3 months ago on Tropical Fish Diseases. If you’re an owner that wants a highly active fish then it’s a good idea to pass on the rubber lip pleco. Take some time each day to inspect your fish. Ich and other kinds of bacterial infections are all things to be wary of. This can be particularly entertaining if it’s the glass of your aquarium! Regardless, we thought it would be a good idea to create a resource on this fish to help any aquarist who might be considering getting one for themselves. It was just what I was looking for. Rubber lip pleco 101 care max size t and more rubber lip pleco care guide t breeding more rubber lipped pleco size t tank mateore rubber lip plecostomus fish goldfish betta more petsmart. One of the most important things you can include in their tank is plants. Voted up! Rubber lip plecos (Chaetostoma milesi) are a freshwater fish that come from South America. I'll get pics of the little guys too when I get home or during my lunch break. These are interesting creatures that are a great fit for the right kind of aquarist. In my stocking plan (6 danios, 6 tetras, 6 corys), could I replace the corys with a pleco?I know they produce a lot of waste, but they pet store guy said absolute max size is 4 inches. Be diligent about maintaining top-notch water quality and not introducing poor food into their diet. Hello, I have clown pleco, which id kind a lazy eagle eater. Look for anything out of the ordinary on their body or in their behavior. This allows them to keep a lookout for predators while they scavenge near the bottom. It isn’t … This will keep them from getting bullied and potentially injured or worse. Any of the best floating plants can work, but feel free to experiment if you want. Author Note: In order to avoid overfeeding these fish it’s important to monitor them during feeding time (especially early on in your ownership). I bought it as a rubber lip but it's the only one I have ever owned. Food: Some Green Hair or Filamentous Algae, Algae on Glass, Plants and Rocks. Author Note: When performing water changes you should be very cautious. This means if you’re considering having them share a tank with a bristlenose or clown pleco you’ll need to ensure that they have plenty of space and an area to call their own. Dec 6, 2012 - Information on how to keep and care for Rubber Lipped Plecos. Preventative care is the most important course of action you can take. I had 2, one died a while ago now, but the other is doing fine. However, it’s extremely uncommon for these fish to exceed 7 inches. We don’t think they’re boring by any means, but you shouldn’t expect a regular swimming display from them either. That is completely normal behavior for any pleco to seem shy. Here’s why: It’s pretty much impossible to create enough naturally occurring algae in an aquarium without compromising the general water quality (some aquarists pull it off but it’s very tricky). I gave him 1 algae wafer per day to make sure he eats properly and have plants and tunnel for him to hide. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just spend a few minutes watching them. Not only that, but it’s simply unfair to the fish. Their general activity level is very mellow. In fact, they’re one of the most popular…, Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. I was a little lost myself thinking the name, "rubber lipped" was just a different name for a pleco known as something else, but appears this best fits the species you are asking about. I had no idea there were so many types. Author Note: It’s important to point out that elevated stress levels can have a negative impact on the lifespan of this fish. I have 75 g with 3 angelfish , lots of algae on rocks and my decor log , great hideout for fish . I would enjoy getting a couple of additional kinds of plecos in a future tank there is so many cool designs of some of the more strange plecos. Pleco is the common name for catfish species in the family Loricariidae. It looks significantly smaller when they’re not using it to swim. Blood worms and brine shrimp are ideal for this but also add some peas or lettuce for grazing. Origin. Other common names for this fish are the rubber lipped pleco and the rubbernose pleco. These. This species can primarily be found in the Magdalena River in Columbia and the Apure River in Venezuela. Mine is still very shy to this day, and I have had him for at least 3 years now. A 20 gallon would be much better to house a single one. This species can primarily be found in the Magdalena River in Columbia and the Apure River in Venezuela. You are currently viewing the forum as a guest. I cannot conclusively say, YES this is is, as I haven't kept one of these. There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. You’ll end up spending way more time than you want on this, and for little benefit. They can either be kindly and peaceful or territorial and need a whole tank on their own. are there any cold water plecos for outside ponds in cold places like Canada. Below, I have listed a few pleco species that are interesting and fairly easy to find, but there are many more species out there! If you know of anyone who has successfully bred rubber lip plecos we would love to hear from them and feature their tips in this guide. I just saw today, a white patch on the top of my pleco. Learn more. The breeding process can be taxing on your fish no matter if it’s successful or not. There haven’t been any verified reports or case studies of owners pulling this off successfully in a home aquarium. They do have red eyes, but instead of being pure white, they tend to be more light pink or tan. This is one of the easiest parts of rubber lip pleco care. Rubber lip plecos can grow to 10 cm, and basically outgrow that size of tank. Currently unavailable. Also known as L187b, some common names for C. cf. Their dorsal fin begins roughly a third of the way back on their body and fans out like a large sail being pulled backward. They’re pretty much always munching on (or suctioned to) something, so they only need to keep tabs on what’s above them! 82 82. To view the index and portal you must be a member. Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:25 am. Millie is a passionate aquarist who caught the fishkeeping bug in high school and has been addicted ever since. The rubber lip pleco has the classic “pleco” appearance. Rubber Lip Pleco 101 Care Max Size T And More They’re one of the most peaceful freshwater species we know of! Always watch for any uneaten food that might fall to the substrate as well. I will double check again in the morning, but I would expect detection of ammonia/nitrites if that were the cause of the fish's behavior. Our recommended tank size for one rubber lip pleco is 25-30 gallons. For those aquarists in need of an industrious algae-eating fish for smaller aquariums, allow us to introduce the Rubbernose Pleco. The rubber lip pleco is a freshwater fish that many aquarists don’t know much about. These fish are pretty hardy due to their varying conditions they come from which means you have a bit of a safety net when setting up their tank. If you’re not prepared to give a fish what they need to thrive, don’t get one at all. This is where some people get a little bit mixed up. This species loves to scavenge and investigate various surfaces, and including these will provide exactly that. Most pleco species are able to be albino, especially bristlenose and common plecos. From there you can start to address the issue directly. BN and rubber lip. Sailfin Pleco. Rubber pleco will accept all vegetable based foods. He would suck on my african dwarf frogs and eat their food. Size: up to 5 inches in about 4-5 plus years Temp: 72-82F pH: 6.5-7.5 dH: 8-12 Origin: Columbia, South America. They’ll also be a welcome snack for your rubber lipped pleco to nibble on! Water requirements, tank size, ideal diet, and more! When they’re out in the open they’ll usually be using their sucker mouth to latch onto a surface they’re interested in. What would cause a new rubber lip to be above the water line? These fish can be sensitive to parameter shifts, so don’t do too much at a time. thomsoni are bulldog pleco, rubbernose pleco, green rubber pleco, rubberlip pleco, and variations of those terms. Power Ball Pythons from Mobile, AL on September 07, 2012: Thanks for the article. Hi. This is an area where you’ll probably hear some conflicting numbers, but we like to err on the safe side. These rivers undergo a fair amount of change during the rainy season. My rubber lipped is bigger than my hifin pleco, and was bullying around my whole 30 gallon community tank. Even though these water parameters give you a bit of room to work, it’s important to perform regular water tests to monitor these levels. I heard that they stay small at the largest 6-8". Aquarium Source is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This species is not very fragile, but they’re not invincible. Rubber lip plecos are used to a heavy amount of vegetation in their natural habitats, so they will go a long way in making sure they feel comfortable. Plecos are all nocturnal, so they mostly hide and rest when the lights are on, and come out to do their business when the lights are off. FishAreFriends (author) from Colorado on June 27, 2011: Very informative hub. They have a large sucker mouth with a bit of a snout that slopes upward toward the top of their head. Shop for Best Price Petsmart Pewaukee Grooming And Rubber Lipped Pleco Petsmart .Price Low and Options of Petsmart Pewaukee Grooming And Rubber Lipped Pleco … I had a pleco in a tank I had as a kid and I've wanted another. This guide covers everything you need to know about ribber lip pleco care. it's warm during the summer and spring but in south Canada it can get cold enough to snow. This is obviously good news but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to worry about. I have a 20galln tank, I did have a fat lipped pleco in my tank, then a friend gave me an albino Pleco and I didn’t really understand Plecos at the time, & just how much mess the larger ones actually make & the big pleco killed my little Pleco somehow. There are many plecostomus (pleco) species in the world. I have a rubber lipped pleco. Some owners say that tanks as small as 15 gallons are fine for this species but we disagree. These fish are extremely peaceful and don’t want to cause any problems with others. SHE PUT: APHANTROUS PLECO BUT CANT FIND THIS ON NET. if there aren't i will just have a tank for it when it gets too cold. Never pair these fish with an aggressive species, because they’re too peaceful to fight back. Rubber lip plecos (Chaetostoma milesi) are a freshwater fish that come from South America. Feed them twice a day and don’t give them more food than they can eat in a couple of minutes. As you can see, sticking to a plant-based diet is highly recommended. Plecos come from South American rivers and lakes. I checked the water parameters and they are perfect (0 Ammon/Nitrite & 5-10 nitrates). In the wild, this species eats mostly algae and spends its time near the substrate since it is a bottom-feeder. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. We’re dedicated to providing the best fish care guides online and need your help to do it! Pleco Hybrid? Depending on the current or what they’re doing, this fin might lay very close to their body, or stick up a bit higher. Get a high-quality testing kit so you can be sure that the readings you’re getting back are accurate. Rubber Lip Pleco 101 Care Max Size T And More Rubber Lip Pleco Care Guide T Breeding More The same can be said for their caudal fin. Rubber Lip Pleco Tank Mates. The pleco is a fun fish for what they do servicing the tank by cleaning all of the algae from the tank. In fact, when you look around online there aren’t any comprehensive resources available on them! I have a 3 gallon tank that I have a bio wheel adn a heater (78 to 80 degrees) I have a betta and about a month and a half ago I added a pleco (algae eater) to the tank. The other reason why naturally-growing algae isn’t a good option is due to their behavior. The average rubber lip pleco lifespan is around 10-12 years with good care. This information is important to know since it will impact how you prepare their tank (more on that a bit later). White Patch on Rubber Lip Pleco. 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