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I test a lot of guns each year and I find that many do not come up to standard with regard to point of impact regulation (the usual exceptions are Perazzi, Beretta, Browning/Miroku and Krieghoff). I must be the only one using the B525 Trap. I have had several 12 gauge guns and feel the MK70 is one of the best in shooting terms and the best value for money. Anschutz-Miroku O/U marked barrel has a 2 3/4 chamber, full/modified chokes, 14 5/8 LOP with cushioned recoil pad. They are not 'second-class' Brownings (though they began as flagrant copies - copies so good that Browning came to an arrangement with Miroku to make guns for them a generation ago). Invector Plus F/M/IC Chokes. The interchangeable chokes are of the older, shorter style and if I bought the gun I would replace them with extended chokes with knurled extensions for convenience - they are so much easier when it comes to routine cleaning. It just seems common sense that one should make the passage of shot as easy as possible down the bore. ... Miroku MK70 shotgun review. Can anyone tell me about a shotgun i own. could have been made from 1930s up to 1983. Spending more money doesnt guarentee a better gun, expensive lesson learnt. The stock design on this gun is first class. If I was making guns, 18.6 would be my standard size because I find the wider bored guns seem to kick less. Workmanship on the barrels is generally good. By 1963 Miroku had also started selling a single barrel shotgun under the Miroku brand. For clays I have not found this a problem. For many who are looking for Best Miroku Shotguns And Best Over And Under Shotgun For The Price review. My advice to any body thing of a gun in this price range this is the one to go for. The stock shapes are excellent with a first class pistol grip and a classic schnabel forend. Quite new to shooting mostly clays but a few game days and some pigeon shooting as well. The Miroku is a modification of the B25 without the attached forend of the latter gun and there are certain subtle mechanical differences too (the trigger for example has changed significantly over the years). Solid ribs just do not get as dented as easily in the field - this is especially true of narrow ribs. Thanks Simon for your comments which are much appreciated. The Browning seems to be a bit better when it comes to 'extras' such as an adjustable trigger, but I am not sure about the handling characteristics and any other features. Forcing cones are short as Browning and Miroku have always preferred. Bringing the gun to the shoulder does not dispel the positive first impressions. Stevens Mod.940 .410 shotgun was made by Savage Arms in Westfield Mass. I am tall and have my stock built up to 15 3/4 inch so an all wood 14 1/2 starting length means the finished pad is still reasonably proportioned. It is much heavier than the 7lbs approx. You can take back bored and cone elongation too far. The monobloc barrels of the MK 38 are well presented and internally straight. I began my serious shooting life with a 28" double trigger Miroku over and under - it cost me a Victorian and Edwardian stamp collection, now worth tens of thousands, but it also introduced me to a sport that has been my life long passion. I have waited until now before giving this small appraisal.As this was to be his first shotgun we decided to go down the route of a decent quality new gun rather than a second hand model.Firstly the gun was a really good fit straight out of the box ,some thing that many people have semingly found with all Miroku's. Although i purchased a MK70 28" last Christmas for my 16 year old son. The gun is just a tad barrel heavy marks out Miruku and is a plus which suits me and gives a very positive feel and swing. I should have had a recoil pad fitted & bought some decent chokes. The MK38 Sporter range includes Grade 1 Invector Plus Teague (30 and 32”) RRP £1,496, Grade 3 Sporter RRP £2,041, and Grade 5 £2,554. Frankly, I am not sure about this, as I have noted elsewhere in this issue. The Miroku MK38 is considered to be one of the best trapguns on the market. Copyright © 2021 Aceville Magazines Ltd.Registration number: 04169559 | Registered Office Address: 185 Fleet Street, London, England, EC4A 2HS, https://clickerheroes.games/game/room-clicker. If everyone went with this plan, we would all be better off. It is unfortunate that, maybe as you hinted due to 'poor' marketing, in Malta it is either Perazzi (MXs) or Beretta (682, 686, DT10). I bought my s/h 30" MK70 Gr.1 a year ago. I have a bee in my bonnet about this. japanese quaity, ps iv also just baught a browning 525 gold sporting , what does this mean .. il leave the rest to ???. It has a detailed floral engraving, which I much prefer over the Browning game scene. Like the B25, there is a full width hinge pin and a wide, flat, bolt that comes out at the bottom of the breech face to mate with the equally wide slot bite beneath the bottom chamber mouth. The sighting rib is ventilated. The grip shape is in great part a function of the action body design – a point some manufacturers seem to forget (they think the narrower the better – this is not always the case and may lead to a grip which shrinks forward and provides no anchor for the hand without an ugly and often inefficient palm swell). By the way, in Malta sporting is not as popular as much as Trap (DTL and Olympic Trap), with only one range providing a 'fixed' set-up for sporting. Highly recomended. The grip is excellent, offering plenty of purchase enhanced by quite coarse but well executed chequering. Muzzle control, however, was very good thanks to the excellent grip shapes. All this is very mainstream and sensible. You would not be disappointed if you bought one. [That said, I still prefer double triggers on a game gun for instant, fumble-free, choke selection - not that double triggers are available on many mass made over & unders these days.] It is the ideal gun for the person who does a bit (or, indeed, a lot) of game and pigeon shooting, but also enjoys a day or two at clays. NB Miroku - shape up your gun is better than your marketing. It should be staid and boring – it should be an entirely known and predictable quantity. But it’s true - many other guns seem expensive compared to the products of B.C. In all its guises, the MK38 must surely offer the most gun for the least money of anything on sale in the UK at the moment. It is also worth remarking here that Miroku are one of the very few firms that individually regulate each gun in time honoured fashion at the plates. Of its type, it is classic. I once back-bored a 682 Beretta to.740” plus and extended the forcing cones to 2 1.2” or so. The blaser just wasnt right even though the trigger pull was superb. The barrels on the test gun are built on the monobloc system - as are all modern Miroku and Japanese made Brownings - but the jointing is invisible. The gun blue is deep unlike some of the "look at me and I'll scratch" finishes you can now find. Only the (comparatively) very few use Brownings and Mirokus for Trap. Blued Finish. It was practical though, combined with the good stock shapes, it offered excellent purchase. It is an enduring classic and, despite its full width hinge pin and bolt still looks quite compact. The latter constriction was a bit more than required, but I forgot to bring the other chokes to Braintree for the testing session! Can anyone tell me about a shot gun I own ? i have just got my left hand mk38 grade 5 32"barrel sporter built in 2017 new have used it once and it shoots 4" two the right takeing it back two were i got it from   so they can put me on the patten plate did not like the solid rubber but pad. Of course not! howa model 1500 rifle – zeiss scope package – new gun review – shot show 2014 preview ... miroku .12 ga. - 28" - 3" - f/m chokes - over/under shotgun (winchester model 101 field) miroku firearms mfg. Miroku guns are renowned for their consistent quality and value. The barrels bear Belgian proof marks for 2 3/4" (70mm) and 3" (76mm) shells. I am much impressed with the MK 38 both with regard to its aesthetic and shooting qualities. The gun is just a tad barrel heavy marks out Miruku and is a plus which suits me and gives a very positive feel and swing. Workmanship on the barrels is generally good. Mas vamos ao que é importante e sobre aquilo que conheço que é a browning e a miroku. Action/barrels: First class finish – the engraving is the well-known grade 5 Miroku and the presentation is excellent 19/20. Walnut Stock. The depth of the grip is fairly even and there is no tendency for the hand to move forward in recoil. co. - kochi, japan - .12 guage - 3 inch chambers -28 inch barrels - fixed full/modified chokes - over/under shotgun. The gun feels good in the hands. The stock is 14 3/4" long - ideal as a standard measurement - with a smidgen of right-handed cast (Miroku, like Browning, rarely put much cast on their guns). It has a detailed floral engraving, which I much prefer over the Browning game scene. This is something else that I must test experimentally one day. As is typical of Brownings and Mirokus, the MK38 has quite short (1/2”/15mm approx) forcing cones. It’s a good buy in Grade 1 form. Woodwork They are well polished and deeply blacked. The drop measurements are 1 7/16" and 2 3/16". I know more than a few people who use these guns for high pheasants as well as clay busting. The MSRP is $799 and the street price is slightly under that. It has been used exclusively for sporting and skeet. Plastic wadded cartridges with their expanding skirt seem less prone to such problems than felt, heavy payloads also seem less affected than light ones. Everything You Need to Know About Miroku Shotguns - YouTube looks good and feels strongly made. The grip and comb shape are near ideal. Courtesy Rock Island Auction. The latter would be my preference, however, because they may be combined with the lighter fixed choke type barrels to keep the handling dynamic lively. Or, there is the option of buying the Teague choked sporter model fitted with replacement Teague chokes rather than the custom thin wall Teagues mentioned. Thanks for sharing this awesome content here Asking $850 plus $50 for … Manufactured in Japan by Miroku Corporation, a company that has been making firearms for over a century, the factory churns out over 100 Citori shotguns per day, with some of the manufacturing process still performed by hand. The action of MK70 is the usual John Moses inspired Japanese version of the Superposed. The B525 and the Miroku are built in Japan under licence to Browning. The well shaped, plain steel trigger is inertia operated. There is no doubting its pointability. Browse all new and used Miroku Shotguns for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. Miroku did for a limited time sell a version of their 500 double shotgun to Montgomery Wards, which was marketed under the Western Field name. It is hard to recommend a gun that isn’t always reliable out of the box, but the story on this gun isn’t that simple. This is an important issue, but I do not have the time or space to expound upon it further here, suffice to say, if you’re brave, check your gun out by ‘rifle’ shooting it at the plates or at card with an aiming mark and proven safe back-drop. Similarly, I have found that guns modified to similar spec by US barrel specialists shoot extremely well – felt recoil is lower and the patterns are more even. This is not just a hunch. It all boils down to affordable quality. 3 June 2009. I also like the fact that this is a Miruku, a Japanese gun pure and simple which to me gives it added provenance over and above a Japanese made Browning. Felt recoil was a bit higher than average (and might have been improved with wider bores in my opinion). If you searching to evaluate Fully Rifled Shotgun And Miroku Over And Under Shotgun price. The Miroku and Browning gun has the advantage of top and bottom straps that are almost ideally angled and spaced. 26 Vent Rib Barrel. You could use it for just about anything. Internal and external presentation is impressive as one expects from Miroku. If you searching to evaluate Fully Rifled Shotgun And Miroku Over And Under Shotgun price. It was predominantly the work of John Moses Browning who died at his bench perfecting it. Let me sound a word of caution, though. Browning have always claimed this as an advantage over the more recent systems. Both barrels are back-bored at 18.7mm. I look at these Mirokus and compare them to some other guns which offer higher margins but which may not, in fact, offer any real-world advantage. The bores are quite tight too at 18.4mm top and bottom. Internal and external presentation is impressive as one expects from Miroku. Once Browning started using Miroku to manufacture the Citoris they made an agreement for Miroku to stop importing guns to the U.S. so the Miroku name is not as widely known here as it is in Europe and Asia. It has taken Italian makers decades to move towards the sort of excellent shapes that Miroku have been making for years. Miroku lacked one key to future success: a stand-alone brand. Mirokus have their own character and following. There are quite a few guns in this price bracket today, some of them strike me as rather poor value for money when compared to such a solid, well finished, and well proven product like this. It’s more business than bling, nevertheless, there is some well executed scroll work on the action walls to make it significantly more attractive than the average clay busting machine - and, like all the Mirokus I have so far encountered, it is supremely well finished.

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